at Sunny Days
  • Learning Through Play

    Some of Our Flagship Activities

    There are so many different ways we learn at Sunny Days. Our staff work really hard to come up with new and stimulating ways to engage with the Early Years Curriculum, and help your child to develop that little bit more every time they visit us. You can read about some of team favorites on their individual pages…


    We do pride ourselves on taking the next step, though. So we’ve brought in French lessons, veggie growing, music and dance workshops, playing instruments and good old story time with a difference!

    Talk to the team at your local Sunny Days to discover what’s on offer for your child.

  • French at Sunny Days

    Every week our very own French teacher, Isabelle, visits to give our children an immersive language experience.

    Studies show that children who have even the most basic understanding of another language can think more laterally, have better problem solving skills, and a greater capacity for imagination.

    Even without these benefits, we believe it’s great fun and can inspire greater opportunities later in life.

  • Music with Verina

    We’re so proud to have Verina, our exclusive Early Years musician, to bring the joy of music to all our children.

    With carefully constructed sessions for babies, tiddlers and toddlers, and children all the way up to the Play Club, Verina plays her guitar, saxophone, violin, and recorder, teaching all of us songs to sing along to.

    It’s all hands-on fun, with everyone having the chance to have a go themselves!

  • Dance for Fun at Sunny Days

    ‘Dance’ verb – move rhythmically to music

    Miss Becky qualified and experienced dance teacher of Dorchester Ballet and Dance, leads and inspires the children to move rhythmically  to music. Moving is a key objective, teaching children awareness of their body movements, developing gross motor skills improving balance and core strength. Enjoying the fun of dancing to music helps children develop their natural rhythm.