Funding, Fees and Admissions

  • Paying for Your Childcare

    Funding and Fees

    Sending your child to a nursery is considered a middle-ground investment, sitting more or less in-between the cost of a child-minder and a nanny. We know that it’s often a slim reward for the opportunity to be back at work, moving on in your career or business. However, we really try our best to help you find the most cost-effective way of paying for your child’s care, learning, and development. That can mean guiding you to government or local funding schemes, helping to answer some jargon, highlighting additional costs, and advising you on money-saving techniques.

    Get in touch with our team and enjoy a confidential discussion about your individual circumstances, with no obligation.

  • Top Tip!

    As a working parent, you may be better off using Childcare Vouchers. All working parents paying tax via PAYE are entitled to use these vouchers to pay their childcare fees. We’ve worked out you can save up to £933 per year, per working parent – how great is that?!

    Important: you have to register before the proposed new Government scheme comes in. So, don’t wait, speak to your employer about setting up a scheme. If you’re unsure then just pop in and ask one of our managers to help.

    Booking Your Place

    Equal Opportunities for Every Child

    Here at Sunny Days, we aim to be accessible to each and every family in the local community. We welcome each and every child, of all backgrounds and circumstances, from the age of three months.

    We are lucky to be a very busy nursery, so admission is often dependent on the availability of a place. There is normally a waiting list for our under twos, so we hope you understand when we offer the space in the order of booking date.

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  • How to Register Your Child