Coronavirus Update

18 March 2020


A gentle message from the Nursery Admin Team – if you have any questions about the nurseries opening times or anything related to COVID-19 please email and either Luc, Martin or Aimée will be in touch as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Please see previous COVID-19 update from Sunny Day Nurseries from Monday 16th March and regularly check local guidance:

Sunny Days is OPEN for our existing children and families including school children up to the age of 11 years

Sending you some positivity 😊

Sunny Days wish to support current and new families as best as we can to ensure parents can still work during this difficult period. We have many NHS staff using our services and hope that by Sunny Days staying open with a positive mindset and attitude we can beat this infection together!

With this in mind the Directors met yesterday to plan and agree some temporary changes to our terms and conditions to ensure more flexibility and support for our families throughout COVID-19.  These temporary changes are until further notice.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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Point 1 currently states:

Children will be considered for admission to a Sunny Days nursery/play club when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to us, a permanent weekly booking form completed, and Registration deposit paid, which together is an application for a Sunny Days place for your child. If accepted a Nursery Manager, Admin staff and/or Director will sign and on receipt of a counter signed copy your application is accepted and your child is registered, and he/she has a place at Sunny Days and is eligible to receive Sunny Days services as available.

Point 1 temporary amendment:

The Directors have agreed to stop all registration fees to new families. We believe if any schools or other nurseries close, these families may need our services and charging a registration fee in these circumstances is unnecessary.

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Point 25 currently states:

For amendments or additions to your PWB please complete a booking form and submit it to the nursery administrator by the 1st of the month for the following month e.g. before 1st January for February. Booking forms are available from nursery reception. Alternatively, there are bookings forms on our website to print at home.

Point 25 temporary amendment:

The Directors have agreed to allow an extra 10 days to make amendments or changes to your booking submissions. For example, if you are not sure about your shift patterns at work for April until the 4th of the month, you have until the 10th April to submit an amendment.

Point 33 currently states:

If your child is dropped off early and/or collected late, then a fixed rate charge will be applied for every 1 hour or part thereof and you will be charged on the next available invoice. Please check your current nursery fees for charge rate.

Point 33 temporary amendment:

If your child is dropped off early and/or collected late due to COVID-19, then we will only charge the hourly rate rather than £15 per 15 minutes.  We kindly ask you to call the Nursery if you know this drop off early/collect late is going to be a possibility.

We hope these initial temporary amendments to our terms and conditions will help our families during this difficult period. We are also looking into implementing a new quick and easy electronic booking system earlier than planned – we will keep you posted!

We know that many of you rely on grandparents or other family members to look after your children during your working week and they may not be able to do this at the moment. Please remember that Sunny Days is here to support you all as much as possible.

Our NHS and emergency service families are working around the clock and Sunny Day Nurseries must remain open to help these parents get to work every day. We are most grateful to our emergency services and will do our utmost to ensure Sunny Days is here to support you with childcare throughout COVID-19.

Please remember to email with any further questions.



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