The Hatch Family

13 September 2019

‘Sunny Days staff are like a member of our extended family’

The Hatch Family, Mum – Rebecca and sons; Reuben, Jasper and Vernon have been with Sunny Days nursery in Bridport for 8 years.  Jasper started in the baby room when he was 9 months old, then Reuben joined and finally Vernon. Reuben and Jasper are now at school, and Vernon will be joining his brothers at school this September. The family spoke with Aimée Scadden about their experience over the past 8 years.

The Hatch Family

Aimée: Why did you choose Sunny Days?

Rebecca: We chose Sunny Days because of the flexibility of the booking system. I work a two-week pattern and it was the only childcare setting in Bridport that could accommodate our needs and keep the children in childcare when we needed it. 

Aimée: What are your favourite things about Sunny Days?

Jasper: I liked the garden with the trikes and the wall of tyres!

Vernon: I love the trips to Dorchester Sunny Days to the soft play loft!

Reuben: I made so many friends at Sunny Days and am still friends with them all now, even though I am at school now!

Rebecca: Sunny Days has got the children all prepared for school and preschool. The children all loved the trips, they would go shopping around Waitrose to buy food and walks into town to see the Christmas Tree Festival.

Sunny Days

Aimée: Would you recommend your friends to come to Sunny Days?

Reuben: I would recommend Sunny Days because I loved the garden!

Rebecca: Yes, definitely – because the staff are like being a member of the extended family, you get welcomed ‘good morning’, you get told to have a great day and the boys talk about the staff like they are their Aunties and Uncles.

Aimée: Are there extra special things you enjoy at Sunny Days?

Jasper: The interactive table was very fun to play on because it had lots of games and there was room for lots of people to play together.

Rebecca: Vernon loves playing pe with Simon, he loves playing inside and out. He loves the music lessons with Declan – he learns all the songs and sings them at home. He also knows more Spanish than me from his lessons at Sunny Days!

We have loved watching Reuben, Jasper and Vernon grow and preparing them for school.  Saying goodbye as children skip off to school is so bittersweet for us, we miss them but are always so pleased to watch them take their next steps in education.  We wish the Hatch family so much luck in their next adventures!

Sunny Days Nurseries offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as music, sport, dance and language with qualified teachers who visit our locations each week.  We feel that the value these activities add to our children is huge, complementing the early years curriculum perfectly.  

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