Mind, Body and Soul

14 October 2019

Mind body and Soul

Last week, as a nation, we celebrated World Mental Health Day and this highlights a subject which is close to our hearts at Sunny Days, not just one day a year, but every day.  As child carers we are in a key role to promote positive mental and physical wellbeing to our little ones and both are equally important if we are to nurture resilience and positive attitudes and behaviours in these times of increasing pressures in our personal lives and at work.

At Sunny Days we recognise that our staff wellbeing must be supported if staff are to be effective role models.  We do this by listening to our staff, providing attractive working environments, manageable workloads, regular supervisions and continuing professional development opportunities, especially our new Mind, Body & Soul Workshops.  Launched at our Staff Development in September, and developed by our sister company, Side by Side Training Centre, these bespoke workshops take a holistic approach to learning, valuing nature and the outdoors and providing opportunities for the staff to learn ‘about themselves, for themselves’ and therefore being in a stronger position to positively promote learning to the children.

We are already seeing the benefits in the nurseries.  For example, at Sunny Days Bridport the team have introduced regular mindfulness ‘breaks’ for the children and, after picking blackberries on a nature walk, the children used the juice to dye material and as ink for their quills (also foraged on the walk!!).  The benefits are obvious, the children are calmer and, of course, gaining knowledge about the world around them.

Without a doubt, taking time out to enjoy simple pleasures from the world around us is an essential skill, for staff and children, which will inevitably promote resilience, enabling us all to cope with the challenges that lie ahead.

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