Parent Zone - photos and videos

15 October 2019

Parent Zone photos and videos

Did you know you can upload photo and video observations of your children to your parent zone account?

This is fantastic for when your child takes a next step in their development – your child’s carers will be able to use this observation to link it into the EYFS and notify them that your child has achieved that milestone ready for their next steps at nursery.

  • Click on ‘Add+’ on the left which will take you to the page shown above.
  • Make sure you click on the child the observation is about – a green outline will appear around the block circle – as above.
  • Choose the date that the observation took place.
  • Keep as draft for now then click ‘Add an event here…’

This page will come up to give you the choice to ‘add photo’ or ‘add video’.

Parent Zone photos and videos

Once you have chosen the media you can add notes to link in with what your child is doing. Then click on ‘send to nursery’. 

Your child’s key person will be able to view your observation and accept it – once they have accepted it then it will show on your child’s timeline.

Happy Parent Zoning!


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