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15 Oct 2019

Parent tips - photos and videos

Did you know you can upload photo and video observations of your children to your parent zone account? This is fantastic for when your child takes a next step in their development – your child’s carers will be able to use this observation to link it into the EYFS and notify them that your child has achieved that milestone ready for their next steps at nursery. Click on ‘Add+’ on the left which will take you to the page shown above. Make sure you click on the child ... Read more...
14 Oct 2019

Mind, Body and Soul

Last week, as a nation, we celebrated World Mental Health Day and this highlights a subject which is close to our hearts at Sunny Days, not just one day a year, but every day. As child carers we are in a key role to promote positive mental and physical wellbeing to our little ones and both are equally important if we are to nurture resilience and positive attitudes and behaviours in these times of increasing pressures in our personal lives and at work. At Sunny Days we recognise that our ... Read more...
25 Sep 2019

Parent tips - your account history

Did you know you can view your Sunny Days account history by clicking into ‘finance’? This will show you your current balance, each historical bill and payment made since your little one started nursery. You can also view each individual bill if you click on the red ‘Bill’ button. Not only that, but you can re send your invoice to your email address if you can’t find it by clicking ‘Email copy’. Amazing!! Log in to Parent Zone here. Read more...
13 Sep 2019

The Hatch Family

The Hatch Family, Mum – Rebecca and sons; Reuben, Jasper and Vernon have been with Sunny Days nursery in Bridport for 8 years. Jasper started in the baby room when he was 9 months old, then Reuben joined and finally Vernon. Reuben and Jasper are now at school, and Vernon will be joining his brothers at school this September. The family spoke with Aimée Scadden about their experience over the past 8 years. Aimée: Why did you choose Sunny Days? Rebecca: We chose Sunny Days ... Read more...
19 Jul 2019

Sunny Days visits 10 Downing Street

In April 2017 the government was discussing its latest initiative in funded childcare hours and as an experienced childcare provider Sunny Days was invited to trial the new 30hr scheme. The full UK implementation of funding was due to start in August 2017 and therefore Sunny Days was asked to trial the scheme for 6 months and feedback to the government and HMRC thoughts and improvements that were needed. In order for us to take this on and provide essential feedback to HMRC we had to get up ... Read more...
26 Jun 2019

New Sunny Days Website Launch

The new Sunny Days website has gone live today. Recreated in alignment with our new branding, the website will provide all your Sunny Days news. Please stay tuned for updates! Read more...
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