September 28, 2015

Check out Danielle giving Jack some extra key board tuition in Toddlers Sunny Days Dorchester.  He wasn’t initially confident enough to have a go by himself, there was lovely playful interaction between them, each taking turns to play, and then after a few minutes with Danielle’s encouragement Jack was playing happily exploring all the notes! Sunny Days staff are continuously supporting the excellent work of Verina our Early Years Musician. Verina says that music and singing stimulates both the left and right sides of the child’s brain to work together. This is high level early years’ education getting children’s brains working optimally stimulated neuron connectivity to increase and maximise learning potential.

Did you know that a baby’s brain at birth is in an unfinished rather somewhat raw condition, it has about 100 billion neurons which are as yet not connected at birth, and it is the connectivity and the networks formed between these neurons which gives us our brain power! Creating and establishing secure strong connections is the essential stuff of early brain development, and these connections between 100 billion neurons are formed and established as the infant and growing small young child experiences and makes sense of his or her surrounding world including at Sunny Days Nursery.

It’s a bit like building a house on secure strong foundations, and the careful use of scaffolding in the construction process. The foundations could be likened to nature and the genetic footprint given to baby by his or her parents. Followed by scaffolding being the nurture and rich tapestry of early childhood experiences and the multitude of patterns of interconnectivity of interpersonal relationships. Actually early years professionals and researchers often refer to early years learning like ‘scaffolding’. The scaffolding is so very important during the first five years of life. Brain cells are like raw materials a bit like the concrete of foundations, and the scaffolding connecting every aspect of building a house. A young early years’ child’s various and multitude of experiences and interactions help build the structure. Windows of opportunity are often small openings in children’s experiences and early lives when learning happens and which early years professionals at Sunny Days detect to increase and maximise learning potential.

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