Pre School Leader

February 12, 2018

Job Title: Room Supervisor

Accountable to: Nursery Manager/Deputy Directors

Responsibility: You will be responsible for the management of all staff in their designated room within the nursery.

Job Purpose: To take responsibility for implementing the welfare, learning and development requirements for a group of children in a designated room within the nursery. In the absence of the deputy, to assist the manager in the day-to-day running of the nursery, and, on rare occasions when both the manager and the deputy manager are absent, to take full responsibility for the running of the nursery for short periods of time.

To promote Sunny Day Nurseries to parents, potential parents, the community and to allied professionals.

To actively promote equal opportunities for all children, their families and staff, with due respect and consideration for gender, race, language, disability, age religion, culture, sexuality and class


  1. Take responsibility for the effective daily supervision of the designated room, in accordance with the requirements of Sunny Day Nurseries’ policies, the EYFS Statutory Framework and all other relevant legislation.
  2. In conjunction with the manager and deputy manager, ensure that all required standards, ratios and conditions of registration are maintained at all times within the designated room.
  3. Implement policies and procedures to ensure the welfare requirements of the EYFS Statutory Framework are met.
  4. Plan appropriate experiences for the children in line with Sunny Day Nurseries’ policy on care, learning and play, to meet the learning and development requirements of the EYFS Statutory Framework.
  5. Implement Sunny Day Nurseries’ policy on planning, assessment, recording and reporting in line with the requirements of the EYFS Statutory Framework.
  6. Implement the Sunny Day Nurseries’ key person system within the designated room.
  7. Ensure that each member of the team is clear about their roles and responsibilities and provide mentoring, coaching and supervision as required.
  8. Provide effective liaison with parents on a day-to-day basis regarding the welfare, learning and development of the children in the designated room.
  9. Provide effective liaison with outside agencies when required regarding the welfare, learning and development of the children in the designated section.
  10. Take responsibility for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and tidiness in the designated room, and throughout the nursery, at all times.
  1. Participate in Sunny Day Nurseries’ performance management review process and access any necessary training or professional development.
  2. Assist the deputy/manager in ensuring all staff in the designated room receive appropriate mentoring, coaching, training and supervision in accordance with their individual development needs.
  3. Treat all staff, children and parents with courtesy and kindness at all times.
  4. Undertake any other duties as agreed with the Nursery Manager/Deputy.

Salary & Conditions:

Salary according to age, experience and qualifications


  • Full induction training
  • Personal Staff Manual
  • Flexible working hours – individually negotiated
  • Paid break during day
  • Payment monthly direct into bank account
  • Professional Development and Appraisal
  • Individual training plan – Level 2, 3 & 4, – incl. Food Hygiene, First Aid, Health & Safety, Child Protection, Equal Opportunities, etc, – all provided free of charge for all staff
  • Stakeholder Pension Scheme
  • 28 days plus half a day per year worked
  • holiday per year, including Bank Holidays, rises each full year at April up to 30 days
  • 20% child care discount + free nursery meals
  • Uniform – polo & sweat shirts & jackets – all provided free of charge for all staff


A letter of thanks to Sunny Days Nursery – Marc & Claire

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