Staff Awards 2015


  • Award Ceremony 2015

    David and Joy hosted our staff awards night this year at the Dorchester nursery. This annual event recognised some great staff achievements and was followed by one of David’s fun quizzes, a raffle and delicious meal.

    We began the evening by acknowledging staff who achieved qualifications with us via Side by Side Training this year:


    Positive Relationships – Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person  Lewis Shearing – I would like to nominate this person for taking a real interest in each and every child in their care.  My daughter really benefits from having this person as her key person and I really benefit from the feedback this person provides at the end of the day which is based on careful observation.  I feel this person really knows my child and she refers to Sunny Days as this person’s ‘house’.  During the summer holidays she said she missed this person and wanted to give them a cuddle.  At drop off/pick up time I have heard this person dealing with other children and their manner is always calm but firm with instructions that are clear and reinforce nursery rules such as ‘kind words’.  Well done Lewis!
  • Customer Service Excellent customer service is the ability to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations  Bridport Team – they kept going with an excellent attitude and care when the building let them down.  Service was outstanding, including phone calls, and emails to keep us updated and check on choices for childcare.  Never once did we see a grumpy face.  The children loved it!