Sunny Days Annual Staff Awards 2015

October 05, 2015

On Saturday 3rd October Directors Joy and David Scadden gave all of their staff a very warm welcome to Sunny Days Staff Annual Awards 2015.

David gave this opening address:

It’s our 20th BIRTHDAY today.

We initially launched the Staff Annual Awards when we were 10 years old. On Saturday 1st October 2005 we held a grand dinner and dance plus party. We celebrated in style, with silver service dinner, dance band, photo booth. That first Awards Night was extremely popular and staff asked for it annually. So since then we have held Awards every year, and we got the formula right enjoyed by everyone at the Corn Exchange with Awards, dinner, quiz, dancing and lots of partying.

Over the last two years it has been agreed to reduce the party element, so no dancing, and to adopt the format being used this evening, Awards, buffet, £100 quiz, prize raffle.

We are 20 years old today! This time next year we will be 21 all grown up! The idea for next year is for a grand 21st Awards ceremony and mega party!

Next year it’s the BIG ONE for our 21st when we’ll be all grown up

In the next year our plans will indeed fully develop Sunny Days to be adult. We anticipate all our systems & structures, policies & procedures to be fully developed, so for example just this last Thursday 1st October 2015 a new staff salary structure was implemented, which has been approved by your Staff Reps and by your Managers. There are other developments in the pipeline and Sunny Days this time next year will be adult. Joy and I launched Sunny Days 20 years ago on Monday 2nd October 1995.

Our reflections of the last 20 years are happy fulfilling and very rewarding. Next year we will reveal all our reflections giving you a full Sunny Days history. Tonight we wish to reflect just on the last year highlighting your achievements. As usual, there are so many reflections, and so much to share with you.

We cannot share everything in one evening and so here are the highlights:-

  • There have been many individual success stories about many of the children, and judging by the 100s of parent’s feedback slips for tonight there are lots of happy children, and lots of happy parents too.
  • Childcare practice continues to steadily improve with good consistently achieved across all 3 Sunny Days, with clear evidence of progression towards outstanding
  • Actually there already pockets of outstanding and glimpses of extraordinary
  • Continuous service improvement continues to be a main focus for managers as they support you to drive up the quality for everyone’s daily experience … for children, for parents, and for staff
  • Tapestry is a big success story spearheaded by Kirsty and Team Bridport
  • Environments have continued to be massively improved by Bill and Dawn
  • Partnerships with parents also continuously improved with better understandings, more positive outcomes, improved customer satisfaction, and more compliments
  • A new staff salary structure as of 1st and MT is determined to stay at the cutting edge implementing the living wage next Spring 2016, continuously improving the staff deal
  • Staff training opportunities continue to improve with new facilities coming on-line
  • Roo and her Admin Team are already working on implementing a brand new nursery management system which is vastly more efficient and user friendly … parents will absolutely love it … as they will be able manage their bookings and paying on-line
  • We have recently had delivery of 4 brand new 9 seaters and a super new van for Bill
  • Music continues to be massively valued by everyone thanks to Verina’s contribution, and it’s a real pleasure to hear children and staff singing throughout the day every day in all 3 SDNs, and catching people whistling along to Verina’s Sunny Days tunes
  • Jo and Team Bridport survived the floods, and focused on turning adversity positively into an advantage by making improvements to the nursery and moving forward
  • We have considerable satisfaction seeing the children laughing singing having fun.

Joy and I regularly get stopped or bump into young adults or teenagers who were at Sunny Days up to 20 years ago in their early years. Some of those children have become our students training in early years, and some have returned to work for Sunny Days.

We have not yet experienced previous children who attended Sunny Days in their early years, who are now parents with their own children attending Sunny Days, but we guess this will occur fairly soon now.

Ok so those are some of our reflections over the last year, and now on to this year’s Staff Annual Awards, and I am very pleased to introduce your hostess Joy Scadden..

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