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    At Sunny Days we pride ourselves on the very best we can provide for your child, nurture for babies, and early years education for young children, in stimulating, safe and secure surroundings, providing your child endless happy fun to maximize his/her development.

    Sunny Days serves West Dorset families and children, in Bridport and Dorchester, all with up to date facilities such as en-suite wash rooms, soft play areas, and a variety of outdoor play spaces in the fresh air.

    All our staff are thoroughly checked and cleared, they are fully qualified or undertaking, professional training, and continuously developing, refreshing their skills and knowledge in childcare, and early years’ education.

    Sunny Day’s activities are child focused and planned to fulfil the Early Years Foundation Stage learning goals, and most of all to give your child endless fun and happiness through play.

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    Babies (3months – 2 years)

    In our care, your baby will have an individualised care plan agreed with you, to try to ensure his or her care routines at nursery and home are as closely the same as possible. Your baby will also be looked after by the same carers each day.

    Toddlers (2 – 3 years)

    Toddler rooms are spacious, bright, colourful. Sunny Days actively encourages learning through play and your toddler participates in a wide range of activities incl. story reading, drawing, listening to music, singing, dressing up, role play.


    Pre-School (3 – 5 years)

    Sunny Days Pre-Schools curriculum concentrates on the early learning goals. Pre-School helps to build your child’s confidence and independence by learning through structured activities, interaction with other children and adults, laying firm foundations for school years ahead.

    Play Clubs

    Play Club is a safe and stimulating environment for children before and after school, and during the school holidays. In term time, children can be given breakfast before being dropped off at school in the Sunny Bus. After school, we collect them and bring them back to Sunny Days for a tasty snack, and various fun activities, use of a computer, time to do homework, read a book, or simply relaxing with friends.

    • Sunny Days Dorchester

      is a place for children to paint the sky,
      jump & shout “hooray” with sheer joy,
      write “I love you” to Mum,
      build a castle for a Princess,
      & skip with a warm glad heart.

    • Dorchester

      Jo Parker, Nursery Manager
      Sunny Days Nursery
      Poundbury, Dorchester
      Dorset, DT1 3WA

      Tel: 0345 88 88 123 option 2

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